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Can any stool or an office chair be used in gaming premises?

The furniture that is used in bingo halls, casinos and betting rooms needs to comply with specific fire resistance regulations (UNE 1021, BS 5852). In some countries, the inclusion of physical “barriers” between upholstery and foam is mandatory.

In addition, the fatigue they endure makes them highly specialized products. Each of the selected components must be designed for severe use. These types of elements are not usually included in office or hospitality seats.

What is the Achilles heel of a gaming stool?

In general, we can say that a stool is a raised seat with a footrest, normally, without wheels. This simple definition hides the answer to this question:

1. The footrest and its attachment to the mast 

They are often used as support points or stirrups. Its cantilevered geometry translates large inertias over the point of attachment in the mast.

However, the solution is not easy, and it is common to find bent footrests or ones that simply have been broken off. One solution, in some cases, has been reducing the diameter of the hoop in order to hinder the application of weight; but this affects the comfort of the user who will have to lean forward in order to place the feet.

2. Base-floor anti-friction protection

The absence of wheels forces one to drag the stools in order to move them into their place. If the contact surface protection system fails, the friction will scratch any type of floor and cause annoying noises. The stool will not be in danger, but your floor and the ears of the users will be.

Why choose a MIGUÉLEZ model and not any other from a specialized dealer?

As in every choice for your business, you will manage three types of criteria to decide:

1. Quality criteria

We offer you something that no manufacturer has achieved before: Certify compliance with standards: ANSI-BIFMA: X5.11-2015 and BSI 5459-2: 2002+ A: 2008.

At the moment, there are no standards more demanding.laboratory

The two standards have been developed to build seats for jobs in CALL CENTERS. The test conditions simulate continued use for 24 hours, 7 days a week, by users with a body weight greater than 130 Kg.

In the case of the American standard BIFMA, fatigue test loads reach 181.5 Kg.

In addition, the ergonomic studies behind our designs, and the patents associated with them, enable the best solutions for comfort, resistance, and even maintenance and logistics.

We have a footrest built in INOX whose service exceeds loads over 300 kg without deforming. We use CLASS 3 gas springs in all our models. Birch plywood (the hardest in the world); and the best selection of materials and components of the market.

2. Aesthetic and functional criteria

You can choose between 11 different models. All can be combined with 4 different bases. 48 height ranges available with or without multifunction systems. Various ways to customize your selection: color changes of the metal parts, double stitching with contrasting threads, etc.

If you do not find something that convinces you, tell us. You are the one who knows your business best, we will be happy to develop with you a solution that suits your needs.

3. Economic criteria

You will be surprised how the logic of our manufacturing system also affects the production costs. Study all the options and, do not hesitate, contact us without obligation.

Can I choose ranges of heights different from those offered by MIGUÉLEZ?

We have selected the most common ranges for the service of our furniture in salons and casinos. Combining our bases and footrests we have stock available to you for up to 48 different intervals.

For special applications, we can develop new models with custom height ranges. Tell us what you need and we will study it.

Can I buy my models without self-centering and selfleveling system?

Yes; we will change the multifunction system, for one that only incorporates the rotation and height adjustment. Of course we will pay you the difference.

However, the operating intervals for these devices do not always match; consult the available heights and, before discarding the standard ones, keep in mind that they do the same and, also, always return to the maximum height. Your room will be more ordered.

Can I buy my stools with the metal parts of the base in shiny gold color?

If you desire, all the metal parts of the footrest, except the outer ring, can have this option. The explanation is simple:

The application of this treatment on an element so exposed to friction would only result in an increase in price, without being able to guarantee its durability.

Remember that it is a piece of INOX steel; it will always remain bright and its combination with the spokes, and the rest of the elements in shiny gold, is also harmonious. In “jewelery and watchmaking” this is a common practice; Why not on your stool?

Shiny gold color finish is not available for stools with the multifunction system. Unfortunately, our reference provider does not offer this alternative.

For models with our armrest kit, the gold finish will be applied to the metal part.

What is more appropriate: a mobile directional footrest or a fixed one (360º)?

The 360º fixed footrest is better. The reasons are the following.

The activation of the lifting mechanism is simple and intuitive. You don’t need to get off the stool, just transfer our weight to the footrest for a few seconds.

The same applies to the movement of rotation: The natural support point for moving is on the footrest. With the directional footrest, we have to lower a foot or push ourselves with our hands.

In our 360º model, no element rubs against the gas-spring. In this way, both the rotation and the height adjustment are carried out without opposition. There will be no scratching of the chromed part.

There is no moving element that lowers when the lever is activated. Therefore, nothing can hit us accidentally.

We can summarize saying that: The directional footrest converts a stool into a raised seat, in which the turning action and the height adjustment is more difficult, and there is less freedom for changing the position of the legs.

However, it’s a good option if the economic criteria prevails.

What are the differences between the footrests with a spherical knot and the prismatic knot? How do I know which to choose?

The are two main differences, in addition to the purely aesthetic, which are:

1. The prism contains a footrest with three spokes, while the sphere contains one with 4 spokes.


2. The spherical shape is 45 mm higher than the prismatic shape


Why this distinction?

All the star-shaped bases available in the market have 4 or 5 supports. Both for office armchairs as for gaming armchairs, it is an element well proven to provide stability, avoiding the risk of overturning. Those of 4 supports do not provide enough stability for an element as tall as a stool.

Therefore, we can only count on the so-called FIVE-STAR (5-point star).

But, the superposition of the 4 radii of the spherical footrest with the 5 supports of the base is visually unbalanced. The configuration of three, however, results in greater harmony.

As for the difference in height, the reason is similar. If we consider applying a FIVE-STAR or TRUMPET base with wheels, those wheels raise the height of our stool between 40 and 60 mm. We need to compensate this increase in height with a lower element that returns the footrest to its ideal height above the ground (between 200 and 300 mm).

In short: If you are going to choose a base with wheels or a stool with a very low minimum height, you should choose the base with prism.


If we have to choose between normal fabrics or polypropylene acrylics: What advantages or disadvantages does each type of upholstery offer?

Selected fabrics made of polyurethane (imitation leather) offer two main advantages:

They provide a high resistance to wear, providing a more uniform appearance throughout aging.

They are easily cleaned since they have anti-stain and antibacteria treatments. Since it is waterproof, the foam inside is more protected.

However, they also present the following drawbacks.

The degree of transpiration of these fabrics, although they have improved remarkably, is still inferior to that of the classic woven fabrics.

Their lack of flexibility makes them less resistant to blows or collisions. These can cause breaks (in the form of “7”). A woven tapestry, resists better this type of aggression.

Finally, the range of colors is much more varied in conventional fabrics than in the imitation leather.

Whatever your choice is, we will provide you with the necessary spare parts and our reupholstering service will be at your disposal to repair damaged items.

Can I order my stools without a handle?

Yes, you can request the NO INCLUSION of the handle on the backrest.

However, our construction system includes this facility as standard and, therefore, we can not discount its cost. The saving in price of the piece is compensated with the need to manually fill in the space in our molds reserved for its lodging.

Can I buy the fabric on my own and send it to MIGUÉLEZ so that they can upholster my order with it?

Yes; At MIGUÉLEZ we accept customer’s fabrics for application to our products. All fabrics used in our upholstery system need to be “folded”. This means that before proceeding with the cutting of the patterns, the pieces of fabric are reinforced with a 5 mm layer of foam plus a finishing lining.


With your fabric we will do the same, so that delivery times will not be shortened. In addition, this process can only be done with complete pieces, so that the minimum order to be able to admit your fabric, will depend on each model. Naturally, the price of the fabric included in our standard will be paid to you if you choose this option.

Why are stools with wheels only offered with a selfbraking system?

For security. As we approach to take a seat on a raised surface, the first contact of our body with the seat includes a horizontal component force. This force tends to move the seat away from our body and the wheels show no opposition.

But, if the vertical component of our weight immediately appears as we take seat, the wheel brake will be activated, eliminating any risk of falling.

However, if your choice is a low stool, and without footrests, the danger of accidental displacement disappears and the wheels supplied will be the free rolling (NH).

The choice of stools with wheels is the most appropriate from the point of view of mobility, but it is not recommended for very high stools and/or on “fast” floors (marble, stoneware or laminates).

Can any model of stool incorporate armrests?

Yes, all our models are capable of incorporating armrests. Our manufacturing system allows you to put them on or take them off at any time during the life of the stool. You can buy the stools without them and then ask us for a set, and then install them yourself with just two screws.

The armrests are elements that modify the width of the stool. This means they will be the part most exposed to collisions. Therefore, we offer a solution in INOX and rigid plastic that will perfectly fulfill its mission while saving space; long-lasting and easy to replace.

Our large format (XL) stools incorporate armrests as standard. You can choose between the hard-wearing PU arms with a warm touch, our chromed aluminum arms or the mixed option of INOX and PU for a luxury finish.

We advise you to stay away from upholstered armrests; You’ll have to replace them in just a few months.

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