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Miguélez Seating offers a 7-year warranty for all the unupholstered components of its models of armchairs and stools, the longest coverage available in Europe.7-years-warranty

This warranty excludes any defect or need for repair resulting from normal wear and tear. Color variations on any surface, damage caused by abuse, accidental damage, natural disaster, or abusive or different use for which it was designed are expressly excluded.

The upholstery is expressly excluded from the MIGUÉLEZ guarantee. These can be covered or not, by the guarantees of the textile manufacturers.

Failure to comply with the following guidelines will be cause for loss of warranty:
  • Any claim promoted by a natural or legal person different from the one outlined in the sales purchase invoice.
  • Failure to comply with the maintenance instructions indicated on the labels located under the seat of each unit supplied.
  • It should not be subjected to loads greater than 115 kg on the vertical of the seat.
  • Any alteration, modification, or repair of this item not made by the personnel designated by MIGUÉLEZ S.L.


MIGUÉLEZ S.L. reserves the right to examine and determine the cause of a defect claimed and/or a need for repair. These will be inspected by the R&D department of MIGUÉLEZ S.L. that will determine if the failure has occurred within the warranty period; in which case the replacement will proceed without any cost to the buyer.

More details on the terms of the guarantee and exclusions at:

In case of need of assistance please call:
+34 987 84510


Standards and regulation

MIGUÉLEZ certifies compliance with the following Standards for all stools:

bsiBSI: British Standards Institutionstandards-laboratory

BS 5459-2:2002+A:2008. Specification for performance requirements and tests for office furniture. Part 2: Office pedestal seating for use by persons weighing up to 150 kg and for use up to 24 hours a day, including type-approval tests for individual components.

ANSI BIFMAANSI: American National Standards Institute
BIFMA: Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association

ANSI-BIFMA: X5.1-2017. General Purpose Office Chairs Tests.

ANSI-BIFMA: X5.11-2015. General Purpose Large Occupant Office Chair Tests. It considers users of up to 181.4 kg of weight, corresponding to 99.5% of the American percentile.

cenCEN: Comité Europeo de Normalización (European Committee for Standardization)

UNE-EN: 1335-1. Office furniture: Determination of dimensions.

UNE-EN: 1335-2. Office furniture. Office chairs: Security requirements.

UNE-EN: 1335-3. Office furniture. Office chairs: Test methods.


Labeling and traceability

All our stools incorporate on the bottom of the seat a white polypropylene label on a silicone support. 


This label contains the following information:

   International compliance regulation certified for the model.

   Manufacturing date.

   Alpha-numeric code of the article: Determines each of the components. It is composed of at least 9 digits separated by dashes. Each group provides us with precise information for the replacement of the components and/or compliance with the warranty terms. Also, those that determine their height(s), functions or the specific finish of the metal parts.

   Specifies the fabric used in the upholstery process.

   Information about the warranty terms.

With all this information we ensure the traceability of the product to facilitate any after-sales service.
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