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With the experience acquired after 43 years linked to the European gaming industry, and convinced of having achieved unprecedented levels of comfort and performance; we present a collection of seats designed for intensive use in bingo, gaming halls, casinos and/or any other place of public attendance.

The highlight of this collection lies in the solutions adopted to achieve improved performance and comfort during use. Our models maximize comfort, understood as a feeling of well-being, or simply as neutral in the seat. 

All our designs are based on the BIFMA G1. Ergonomics Guideline for VDT (Visual Display Terminal). In order to achieve this, our point of departure has been the anthropometric and biomechanical precepts necessary to obtain ergonomic products.

ERGONOMICS: The application of design and engineering to systems with the purpose of improving human performance. (Dempsey, Wogalter y Hancok)

Sitting position

sitting-positionPeriods of stay on inappropriate design seats increase the chances of feeling fatigue, back pain and/or discomfort in the musculoskeletal system.

In the sitting position, the main cause of discomfort lies in a poor distribution of pressures. 

Seat and backrest are responsible for supporting the body providing the necessary balance and support.

MIGUÉLEZ designs are developed to comply with this principle on 90% of human anatomy and genotypes of both sexes (percentiles P5 and P95).

The backrest: comfort for the spine

The backrest should channel the accommodation of our lumbar area and support it laterally without impeding postural changes. In the seated position, we will be comfortable when muscles and intervertebral discs work in a homogeneous and balanced way.

The introduction of small changes in the angle of inclination of the backrest results in great variations in the way in which the pressure is distributed on the spinal column

According to the studies of the Ergonomic Standard Association, angles between 105 and 110º provide the least compression between the intervertebral discs.

All our models have a 108º opening between seat and backrest. The DELTA_FLEX system enables openings of up to 112º for short periods in order to facilitate mobility.


The seat: support and axis of comfort. FVS

Ischial tuberosities (T.I.) are the bony bulges of the lower part of our pelvis, on which 75% of our body weight rests in the sitting position. 

A comfortable seat must properly support the distribution of pressures.

It is necessary to provide the seat with the precise shape for a better decompression of the gluteus maximus and fatty tissue, which along with our skin are interposed between the T.I. and the seat. 

MIGUÉLEZ seats are designed using digital systems capable of generating 2D and 3D graphics (Tactilus®). With 1,024 sensors, pressure maps are obtained that facilitate the design of our seats. Constructed using polyurethane foam with a density of 60 kg/cm2, they incorporate VARIABLE FIRMNESS zones for superior comfort.


Thanks to the "pressure maps", we can see the need to implement seats of variable firmness that meet the anthropometric standards of the human body.

According to this premise, MIGUÉLEZ has developed, for the first time, seats that present the greatest resistance in the support areas of the T.I., reducing the opposition to deformation in the frontal areas of the seat.

In this way, we increase comfort by facilitating the mobility of the legs and the activity of the blood circulation.

The footrest

Foodrest-variableTwo types of footrests are available, both of which are compatible with all models. Each one of them responds differently when we operate the height adjustment system. 

1. VARIABLE gauge footrest 

The distance between the seat and the footrest varies depending on the height of the stool. The footrest forms a circumference with spokes around the mast, to which it is attached. Therefore, IT DOES NOT MOVE and DOES NOT ROTATE.

In this way, we can increase the angle formed by the trunk and legs of a person by increasing the height of the seat. The turning action is more comfortable and intuitive: The footrest ring itself is our point of support without having to resort to our arms or the ground. 

To activate the lifting function, it is sufficient to remove the necessary weight from the seat. This can be done with one foot on the floor or even with both feet on the footrest. There are no elements that move in the lower area when turning, so there is no possibility of an accidental collision.

They are suitable for use when the maximum height needed from the stool is medium-high, and when there is sufficient lateral space between one stool and another. Also, for spaces with little lodging for the knees in the area of maximum elevation.


2. FIXED gauge footrest

fixed-foodrestThe distance between the seat and the footrest remains unchanged. The footrest is attached to the seat and, therefore, GOES UP, DOWN and ROTATES with it. 

Once the desired height has been selected, our posture is equivalent to sitting on a high chair, that is, the opening angle formed by the trunk and legs is close to 90º. Only by putting your feet on the floor can we find the necessary change of posture to maintain comfort. To rotate the body, we need a point of support outside the stool, either on the ground, or with the arms on any nearby element.

On the other hand, the activation position of the lifting system is less comfortable. It is necessary to completely remove the weight of the seat to activate it. This can only be done with both feet on the ground.

They are suitable for use when the maximum height needed from the stool is very high and there is plenty of space for the knees. The stools with this system can not be dismantled for transport.


delta-flex-elastonaxWe all know from our own experience that true comfort lies in freedom of movement. Nothing is more uncomfortable than the inability to change position.

We call DELTA FLEX the joint between seat and backrest. With a static opening angle of 108º, it is built to respond to force
in an elastic and progressive way.

The high elasticity of the material used, in addition to the shape of the fold in form of DELTA, patented by MIGUÉLEZ, achieves deformations of up to 4º (112º). The result is an increase in comfort due to the "rocking effect", making it adaptable to the weight and anatomy of the user.

ELASTOMAXis an oscillating flexure system with progressive retention. The effort is supported by a polyester elastomer that works under compression.

A hinge converts the force on the backrest into a rotating movement. It allows variations of up to 4º in the angle between seat and backrest.


EASY-SLIDE and handle


  • Its easy visual identification discourages one from "dragging" the stool, holding it by the uppermost upholstery, thus minimizing the possibility of an accident by turning over.

  • With one hand and a slight upward force, the stool can be moved easily on any surface.

  • The VEGAS, RENO, CASINO and MONTECARLO models come standard with an integrated stainless steel handle on the backrest, which, in combination with the EASY-SLIDE feature, simplifi es its handling signifi cantly.


    It provides our stools with the Trumpet base with three functional characteristics:

    1.  Protects marble, stoneware or wood floors from abrasion caused by friction.

    2.  It facilitates sliding by decreasing the angle between the contact surface and the floor to 35%. Its ramp-shaped form decreases the traction force during displacement.

    3. Its stair-shaped geometry facilitates the aeration of the floor, preventing condensation and facilitating its drying.

GAS SPRING: functions and height

gas-springThe workhorse of any stool lies in the correct performance of its functions of rotation and height adjustment. 

The gas devices chosen by MIGUÉLEZ for all its models are of the highest quality or, in other words, CLASS 3. This means that the evaluation of each one of its components grants our assemblies maximum resistance and, as a consequence, their lifespan will increase

The latest generation MULTIFUNCTION elevators work as a conventional "system" allowing the user to rotate 360º and adjust the height by activating a lever located to the right of the seat. 

In addition, they recover the initial orientation (self-centering) and the initial maximum height (auto-lifting) automatically, once the player has left the stool.

The recovery movements are carried out silently and slowly. Its advantage lies in keeping the room looking neat and ready for the next player.

All MIGUÉLEZ stools incorporate multi-function gas spring.

The bumper: protective border

The bumper is a PVC border solidly attached to the seat and backrest, which runs along its contour. Its function is to protect the upholstered areas from scratches and accidental blows. In addition to absorbing impacts, it prevents deterioration of the upholstery by being located in the most common areas of contact. 

All models of arm-free stools incorporate a BUMPER border in the lower area of the seat, where the players' hands look for the height adjustment lever, or a holding point to move the stool.

The color of the BUMPER of the seat is always black. However, it is also available in gold and silver to match other details of the stool, such as the embroidery or borders. 

The BUMPER for the contour of the backrest, has a hollow circular section. In this way, it accentuates its ability to cushion blows. It is an optional fi nal touch that can only be added to the VEGAS and MONTECARLO models, enhancing their appearance. It is available in black gloss, gold, silver and a transparent version that houses a braided cord which is available in various colors.

The bases

All models of the stools are capable of integrating different bases to form its pedestal.


They are characterized by their aesthetic simplicity. They can include wheels to facilitate the movement of the stool, however, its most common use is with the EASY-SLIDE, feature that allows easy moving without compromising stability. The available diameters range from 45 to 60 cm, depending on the model.


They can carry wheels or levellers. For the construction of stools, they must necessarily incorporate wheels with the SIT & BRAKE braking system. This allows the stool to be moved easily when empty, but, when occupied, the weight of the user will activate the brake. 

bases4 x INOX bases

Base of 4 supports built in INOX tube, solidly bonded under the seat by MIG welding. Exterior polished or coating in gold, silver or black polyester paint.
The footrest for these bases forms an octagonal perimeter on the outside of the legs. The end caps of the legs incorporate articulated supports with metal anti-expulsion system.


It is flat and robust. It has a slot to fit under the machine, so that the base is fixed. It is made of stainless steel and has a conical support, to place the shock absorber, and with felt padding on the bottom in order to avoid friction.

The wheels

The wheels for MIGUÉLEZ stools incorporate the SIT & BRAKE system.

The mobility of the seat is restricted once the user sits down, behaving like a stool without wheels.

However, once unoccupied, the wheels are released and can be moved with maximum ease.


polyurethane-armrestPOLYURETHANE ARMRESTS 

Injected onto a structure of anti-twist corrugated steel. Included in Niza, Argentina and Austral chairs.

aluminium-armrestALUMINUM ARMRESTS

Injected chromed aluminum. Included on the Bingo Plus chair and stool. It can be mounted on the NIZA chair at no additional cost.

inox-pu-armrestINOX + PU ARMRESTS

It consists of 2 mechanized aluminum casings with a shiny polished finish; an INOX (200) plate with ground finish. The assembly is completed by an injected PU cover screwed onto the plate from the bottom side of the metal plate. This last piece can be excluded (check price). Compatible with all models except Europa.

wooden-armrestWOODEN ARMRESTS

Mechanized in beech wood, it can be customized with natural varnishes, wenge or mahogany. Allows enamel application. Only for Índico and Europa models.

armrest-kit-stoolsARMRESTS KIT FOR STOOLS

Specifically developed to be able to be added to any of our models during its useful life. It is composed of a structure of INOX (200) in the form of “u” and two armrests of polyamide. They are attached to the lower rear part of the stool by screwing the structure onto 6 mm thick metal clip. The strength of the union is guaranteed.
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