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In Miguélez Seating we offer the possibility to customize all our products. Our graphic design department will help you find the best option to include your logo. 

We have 10 embroidery heads capable of combining 12 different colors. The result is "rich" and luminous embroideries.

For logos with considerable detail, the vinyl transfer system (TRANSFER) is available. It is an impression with a thermal plate that uses pressure and heat to adhere the image to the surface. With this vinyl you can capture photos, names, numbers...

There is a great variety of possibilities in terms of design. In Miguélez Seating we make them a reality.

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Spare parts

En Miguélez Seating we are committed to the total customization of our products. Therefore, we offer the possibility of customizing the finishes of the metal parts of our stools and chairs.

Our bases can be made of chromed steel, but are also available in
shiny gold. For the CIRCA footrest, you can choose between a spherical or prismatic center joint. In either case, we provide the option of including color in an element that will remain unchanged because it has no contact with the user.

This customization can be carried out in the new products, but from Miguélez Seating we also offer a service of replacement of certain pieces, such as wheels, gas springs, bases or other elements (not textiles) that make up our stools and chairs.

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In order to provide a change to bingo halls and casinos, and also to the convention and dining halls of hotels and restaurants, one of the options is the reupholstering of armchairs, stools and chairs.

In this way, you can renew the atmosphere of your business and provide a second life to the pieces.

In Miguélez Seating, we have a reupholstering service where our experts can advise you. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and fabrics of the highest quality.

Smalls details make the difference.

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