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Stool covers

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Stool covers

Technical characteristics

Hygienic protection covers

They are covers for our gaming chairs and stools made of PP / NON-WOVEN fabric.

Highly resistant to tearing and contamination by absorption (including oil, grease, dust or strange materials). These covers support up to 5 machine wash cycles (70º) without the need for ironing. They lack fire retardant properties.(1)

They are supplied in bags of 25 units, all previously disinfected(2) by applying a quaternary ammonium solution.

(1) Miguélez is not responsible for the fact that this product interferes negatively in the compliance with the regulations of any administration regarding fire safety in public places.
(2) Product without guarantee of sterilization. Miguélez is not responsible for its use other than the originally intended.

Measurements in mm

Details Height Width Depth
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